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Our Functional Medicine Chiropractic office in Austin, TX serves patients nationwide.  Functional Medicine looks at the entire person, including their environment.  At Fundamental Health Solutions, we are your wholistic partner for achieving  improved health and wellness.  Our patient centered practice integrates Functional Medicine concepts, and works with patients who are ready to change their life and health. 

Our goal is to help our patients achieve an increased sense of well-being, vitality and self sufficiency in their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being.  Patients come to Fundamental Health Solutions because they are ready to improve their health in positive, constructive ways, drug free and free from surgery.

We utilize a number of minimally and non invasive, scientifically based, cutting edge diagnostics and unique health assessment techniques, to identify the physical and environmental causes of many chronic health challenges. With these, we can effectively monitor the efficacy of your health-recovery protocol. You are also encouraged to bring us your existing diagnostics from Medical Doctors.

While we provide both traditional Chiropractic treatments and solutions, our core competency is to integrate environmental and nutritional assessments to achieve positive change via Functional Medicine, an Integrative Approach from the cellular level.

As a patient centered practice, our appointment time with you ensures that we can better understand your life style, life stressors, environmental factors and other key factors that need to be addressed, so that you can once again be a healthier, and more vital “you”. 

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