Prior to Your First Visit
Please download and compete all necessary intake forms four working days prior to your appointment. Contact our office to schedule and complete an appointment for your Comprehensive Bio-screen blood and urine panel. We will need the completed results from this test during your first visit.

In order to make the most of your appointment time, we require intake forms to be completed in full and delivered to our office 4 working days before your visit. Incomplete paperwork reduces the amount of time Dr. Sledz can spend in the assessment and diagnostic phases, to help you.

Reviewing additional diagnostic tests
In some cases x-rays, other forms of imaging, or specialty lab tests may also be of importance. Due to time necessary to evaluate these diagnostics and tests, please bring these tests to the office four working days prior to your first visit if we indicate to do so, after a brief consultation with us over the phone. This allows Dr. Sledz to thoroughly review all the information to your case.

Your First Visit
Dr. Sledz will be ready for you on the day of your visit. It is important to be punctual, as office policy dictates appointments end at the scheduled time in order to accommodate the next patient. Arriving for your appointment so it can begin on time will insure that you receive the full time allowed for the visit.

Dr. Sledz will sit and speak with you where he will listen to your story. Together he will review the completed intake information and lab test results, any previously discussed diagnostic tests, and then ask questions and perform standard screening tests to assess your current level of health.

Your Second Visit
Unless you indicate otherwise, we will schedule you for a second visit in order to receive a set of highly specific dietary guidelines in the form of a personalized dietary protocol complete with individualized recipes. These guidelines are produced by a suite of computer software programs called SWAMI GenoType. Since knowledge of your blood type and secretor status must be known prior to using SWAMI, these tests may be purchased in your first appointment.

Using your individualized, customized report, your diet will play an essential role in optimizing your overall level of health and vitality by selecting foods which act harmoniously with your immune system, blood, and entire body chemistry.

You may click on the following for more questions pertaining to the importance of Nutritional Assessments and SWAMI Genotype.

Unique and Individual Case Assessments
Because each case is an individualized health assessment, Dr Sledz will recommend an appropriate course of action based on your unique needs. This is usually done over the phone. An individualized plan will be created to address your health goals and to educate you on your role in achieving those goals. In some situations, we may delay performing certain tests so that we can get an acute health problem under control.

Please refer to our FAQ’s page for additional general questions, or go to the FOR PATIENTS part of this website for payment, insurance and other patient related questions.