One of the innovative diagnostics we use at Fundamental Health Solutions, is the MEAS (Meridian Energy Analysis System). The MEAS employs Galvanic Skin Response based on the research of Dr. Rheinhold Voll, a Medical Doctor in Germany during the 1950s. Galvanic skin response measures the electrical conductance between two electrodes placed on the skin, and the results are recorded on a graph. This technology is used in lie detector testing, and biofeedback technology.

MEAS is a non-invasive method for obtaining additional information, including specific areas of stress, that your body is experiencing. It is based upon Traditional Chinese Medicine and the twelve major meridians, of which chi, or life force, flows through. The Meridian Energy Analysis System is a scientifically based device that analyzes the energy flow going through each of your twelve major meridians. It does this by using a computer to detect patient response in electric resistance between two points.

There are no acupuncture needles involved. Using MEAS involves measuring electrical conductivity at responsive points on the skin. These points correspond to acupuncture points. By employing knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the mapping of the strength of each meridian point can tell us about the levels of stress associated with each organ and organ system.

Benefits of using the Meridian Energy Analysis System
Western diagnostic tools such as EKG, x-rays, ultrasounds, CT, MRI, nuclear medicine scans, and related, not only can selectively expose the patient to radiation that they do not want but these, as well as many standard blood tests, only detect part of a patient’s problem. By using MEAS, we can discover significant amounts of information previously undetected by conventional tests. The MEAS system will also suggest beneficial recommendations. Generally the positive changes to the patient is can be usually be noticed within 3 to 14 days!