Health Challenges We Address
At Fundamental Health Solutions in Austin, Texas, our specialties include many chronic and difficult issues that have been generally considered unsolvable or beyond the help available by most healthcare providers. We have experience addressing longstanding chronic conditions, autoimmune conditions, hormonal imbalances, neurological problems, joint health, athletic performance and enhancement, as well as structural challenges.

Our capabilities include:

      • Auto-immune challenges
      • Relief from allergies using desensitization techniques
      • Weight loss utilizing eating and appetite management
      • Reduced joint and cartilage pain issues employing natural cartilage regeneration
      • Lowering or eliminating chronic pain and related health problems
      • Improving circulation
      • Improvements and relief from digestive disorders, discomforts and bloating
      • Improving immune system function
      • Identifying, managing and reducing/eliminating food allergies and sensitivities
      • Achieving a healthy blood sugar metabolism
      • Increased endurance, stamina and strength
      • Reducing fatigue and increasing energy
      • Normalizing immune system over or under activity
      • Personalized nutrition with meal plans and menu options
      • Improving brain function and cognition
      • Reducing and or eliminating skin problems
      • Weight loss
      • Wrinkle reduction and other anti-aging issues