Chiropractic Doctors are known for doing adjustments designed to gently move a bone that could be causing an interference with the spinal column and surrounding nerves. These adjustments can both eliminate a source of pain and discomfort, as well as remove interference that prevent the body’s ability to communicate effectively to vital organs and other biological functions.

At Fundamental Health Solutions, located in Austin, Texas, while we can incorporate gentle chiropractic techniques that do not involve the traditional “cracking” into your treatment protocol; we also integrate techniques to pinpoint the source (not the symptoms) of a patient’s concerns so they can be corrected.

Besides lab testing, we also employ Applied Kinesiology techniques. Applied Kinesiology is a method of muscle testing to analyze the efficacy of the musclo-skeletal-neurological-chemical and even emotional integrity in the body. Muscle Testing looks at the function of a muscle or muscle group both before and after a change.

Because muscle testing looks at function, as a patient, you can see the “before” and “after” effects. For example, we can use Applied Kinesiology to test your deltoid muscle after we have found a structural misalignment. After the adjustment, you can feel for yourself the difference in muscle strength. Applied Kinesiology can also be used not only to improve posture and range of motion, to determine issues with current supplementation. Our knowledge of AK has derived from studying the modality with practicing Chiropractors, in order to learn which techniques would most help our Patients.