Besides local Patients in and around Austin, Texas, we also provide services to Out-of-State Patients. We recommend all of our Patients come in for their first appointment in order to receive a more comprehensive health analysis in order to take advantage of tools in our office.

In cases where our Patients cannot have an in-Office visit, Patients can have their first scheduled appointment over the phone. Follow up maintenance care consults can also be handled over the phone in conjunction with nationwide lab testing stations and functional lab kits mailed to your home.

Patients who are unable to come to the Office will need to download and complete all intake forms except the Live Blood Analysis documents. Once these forms are complete, please fax them to our office no less than 4 working days prior to your scheduled phone consult so that they can be reviewed in advance. Any delay in our receiving your information may result in Dr. Sledz needing to review your intake information during your first appointment, which can reduce your consult time with him by as much as 45 minutes.

We require all patients to complete our Comprehensive Bio-screen blood and urine analysis prior to their first appointment. This provides us with the needed baseline measurements required to thoroughly screen your health and make appropriate recommendations during the consult. Click here to find nationwide blood draw stations in the U.S.  Since we purchase some of these tests in bulk, we can pass a substantial savings for these tests to our patients. If you live in New Jersey, New York or Maryland please refer to the note (1), below. In some cases, we may determine that additional tests be ordered.

We are located on the north side of downtown Austin. Out of State patients will have convenient access to our Office from several hotels and events in and around Austin. The Austin Chamber of Commerce lists hotels and other venues to accommodate your visit.

Please visit our contact page for location specifics.

(1) Note on Blood Tests
Patients who reside in New Jersey, New York and Maryland must either visit us in Texas to obtain their blood draws or we can provide you with a list of required lab tests that you must order through your DC, MD, or DO prior to your first appointment. Functional lab kits may still be ordered through us, and delivered to your home.