telomerase-enzymeWhat Is Telomerase enzyme?
Telomerase enzyme is a very important enzyme because it builds and maintains our Telomeres, contained in a product called Telezyme. Younger people have higher amounts of Telomerase enzyme in their cells than older people. As we age, we gradually lose the capacity to produce Telomerase enzyme which is required to make an exact copy of your cells.

What Are The Best Ways To Help My Telomeres?
Good Nutrition, exercise and managing stress minimize the shortening of our Telomeres. If you want to elongate your Telomeres, like when you were younger, take Telomerase enzyme. The Telomerase enzyme supplement gets absorbed by our cells and replaces the lost Telomerase enzyme in order to make an identical copy of your cells.

Avoid the Hayflick Limit and Accelerated Aging
When the caps at the end of our DNA strands begin to shorten, this leads to the unraveling of our DNA, a process that damages our genetic material. This causes our cells to become inefficient. When a critical length is reached, called the “Hayflick limit”, the cell dies and cannot reproduce. When your telomerase enzyme level is high, our cells can reproduce and we see a profound delay in the aging process. If telomerase activity is low, we see accelerated aging, and problems associated with aging.

Telomerase Enzyme
We’ve researched those products that can help us to maintain good Telomere health, and believe in the only commercial product we found that contains actual telomerase enzyme. The research for this product is based on the Nobel Prize Winning Research in 2009. The co-founder of this company was nominated for a Nobel Prize in Science and Medicine in 2001 (Medicine and Science).

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