Fundamental Health Solutions is a Pay for Fee Service. Payment for services are required at the end of your visit.

Services will not be administered until you are advised of associated fees.

Full disclosure of any additional tests will be provided prior to being rendered.

If you have a problem that may require multiple visits, a good faith estimate of care will be given to you so you are completely informed about what to expect.

At this time, Fundamental Health Solutions does not accept Health Insurance. We believe that this allows you to get the best possible care that we can offer, at prices that are lower than they would be if we participated in insurance plans. Accepting insurance would require us to change our focus from individualized patient care to patient volume.

Whenever appropriate, Fundamental Health Solutions can provide you with a superbill, which you can file with your insurance company if reimbursement is available for you.

Please note that your insurance company may only reimburse for certain analytical tools and not others.