We focus on cellular nutrition because it is a fundamental level that impacts the ability of the body to recover and be healthy. We also focus on supplements that are tested to be free from contaminates, pesticides, employ high standards of manufacturing, and are bioavailable.

Our patients who are chemically sensitive have done well on these supplements.  Several of the products we use have been awarded recognition for being best in class.

Some of the brands we carry:
New Vita
Enriching Gifts
Designs for Health
The Key Company
Standard Process
Apex Energetics
Premier Nutritionals International
Vitalzym XE

Best in Class
Biosuperfood – highest award offered by the International Commission of Inventions and Technologies (Biosuperfood has been credited for promoting the body’s rapid healing and helping save thousands of lives in the 1986 Chernobyl catastrophe, acknowledged by the former Soviet government)

Jusuru – Frost and Sullivan Award. Frost and Sullivan is the world’s largest research firm, this award has been given to companies such as AT&T, Intel and General Electric.

Enriching Gifts – the founder of this company is a Nobel Prize Nominated Finalist in the area of Enzymology and cellular nutrition.