Woman looking at a test tube.

We are dedicated to identifying the factors creating health challenges that can make your quality of life limiting. Besides traditional metrics during an office visit, such as blood pressure, and standard reflex testing, we conduct in depth diagnostics that go beyond common blood tests.

This includes testing auto-immunity, the nutritional health status of your blood, the associated stress (via blood tests) your body and associated organs and systems are experiencing, as well as nutritional deficiencies. We focus on helping you to achieve a healthy immune system, which is a key to good health.

We use cutting edge microscopy to look at aspects of your blood quality to determine if your body utilizing what you are eating. New patients who have been using nutritional supplementation, are usually not surprised when our blood tests indicate that the nutritional benefit is not metabolizing.

We also offer bone density testing using NTx Urinary testing, versus Dexa Scans that require radiation, and other non-invasive testing to identify the causes of your problems at the cellular level, so that we can help you turn your health, and your life, towards a direction of optimum health.