Instructions for Taking Liquid Hydrolyzed Collagen

For Optimal Results:
Your monthly collagen order will be delivered around the same time each month. Each case of 4 bottles will provide you a total of 112 ounces. The positive results found in clinical trials are based upon drinking 2 ounces of Liquid Hydrolyzed Collagen, twice daily, spaced about 10-12 hours apart, for a total of 4 ounces per day.

For people who have multiple, or long standing joint issues, we suggest ordering an extra bottles in order to increase their daily dosage. If you wish to see quicker results, you can also order more than one case of Liquid Hydrolyzed Collagen per month.

It is very important to not skip days while using our brand of Hydrolyzed Collagen during your trial period, as your ability to see results is related to consistent supplementation.

Non Liquid Collagen Alternatives For Travel
Depending upon your lifestyle and schedule, drinking the liquid form is not always an option. People who travel via air can bring the solid dissolvable “chews” which are an alternative to the TSA liquid travel restrictions. The chewable option is also convenient if you will be at a social event where taking out a bottle of the Liquid Collagen is not a possibility.

Document Your Results!
One of the rewarding aspects of taking our brand of Liquid Hydrolyzed Collagen is to be able to feel and see the changes that occur.

For skin and muscle issues, taking photographs is an excellent way to do so. Photograph any problematic areas of your body, and if aging appearances on your face is an issue, take photos of your face! For facial photos, a well-lit photo of your wrinkles, fine lines, creases and general skin complexion will provide you with an excellent “Before” photo. Although some changes may be obvious, it can be easy to miss subtle changes without documentation.

Joint discomfort and range of motion issues
For joint discomfort issues, rate your discomfort level using a 0-10 scale, with 0 indicating no discomfort and 10 indicating extreme discomfort as reference points.

For mobility issues, if you have previously been clinically tested then use those ranges; if not, you can rate your range of motion based upon what it used to be prior to joint, cartilage and muscle issues.

Please make sure to share the improvements with us as soon as it is possible – we all like good news!

For the most effective results:

  1. Before pouring your dosage, make sure to shake the bottle! The juice is a delivery system for the collagen, which provides extra anti-inflammatory benefits. The Liquid Hydrolyzed Collagen can settle at the bottom of the bottle.
  2. Try to take your Liquid Hydrolyzed Collagen roughly around the same times each day, spaced apart by roughly 10-12 hours.
  3. Be consistent! Skipping days will yield inconsistent results. If traveling, pour an appropriate dose into a watertight container in anticipation of a trip, or take your Hydrolyzed Collagen Chews with you.
  4. By measuring your dose you’ll be better able to not run out before the next order arrives. If you take 4 ounces per day, this should last 30 days (one month).
  5. Store the unopened bottles in a dry, cool storage area. Opened bottles should be refrigerated, or kept as cool as possible while traveling.

Be sure to share your results with others!