Patient Fees
Because each case is an individualized health assessment, the cost of your first visit, including supplements, will depend largely upon your unique needs. In some situations, we may delay performing certain tests so that we can get an acute health problem under control.

First Visit– Comprehensive Health Analysis:
The initial visit entails a 90 minute consultation and exam. This fee does not include the cost of any supplements, or the required first visit tests. Many of our lab tests are covered by most insurance plans, including Health Savings Accounts (HSA).

Initial 15 minute consult to determine how we may help you: Free
Dr Sledz’s hourly rates applied to all other visits:
$220 per hour
$140 for 40 minutes or less
$ 70 dollars for 20 minutes or less.

$140 Lab interpretation and recommendations
This option is for new potential patients who would like to bring in recent test results within the past 3 months for tests that include blood, saliva testing, hormone panels, etc. and diagnostic imaging (X-ray Reports, MRI, Ultrasound, etc.).  Dr Sledz can review your radiologist report and if needed, design a treatment plan if you choose to become a regular patient. This fee is deducted from the first visit should you decide to become a patient. 

Chiropractic Treatment
Our Chiropractic Treatments include both gentle and traditional chiropractic techniques to suit your comfort level and needs in order to optimize your health. The treatment fee includes a chiropractic adjustment, dry whirlpool therapy, trigger point release, and electrical stimulation (optional).

Please note that Dr Sledz is a “Pay for Fee” provider.  We are not a part of any insurance network, but can provide you with the appropriate Exam codes and diagnostic codes for Insurance reimbursement.