Appointment Policy
For any cancellation with less than a 48 hour notice, there is a $50.00 non-refundable charge for no shows or non-emergency cancellations, unless we are able to fill that time space. This policy applies to in-office and phone appointments.

Credit Cards
In order to reserve a time especially for you, we require a credit card number when you book your appointment. We will keep this number in a secure place to use for all appointments, labs, and supplements, unless otherwise specified by you at the time of check out.

Late Arrival Appointments
Our practice is designed so that the next patient, whether a phone consult or in office visit, can depend on our “on time” scheduling. This requires us to end patient sessions at their scheduled finish time, so that the next Patient is not kept waiting. As a result of this, late arrivals will have a shorter visit time. Late arrival patients will be charged for the full length of the originally scheduled visit.

Returns and Refunds
Supplements, except probiotics, enzymes, Sterol Max, and Biosuperfood, may be returned for a refund provided they are unopened or unused, within 3 days of purchase in their original viability. (They must have been kept in a cool environment of 79 degrees or less, and not left in direct sunlight.)

Functional test kits must be completed within 6 months of purchase. Functional lab kits may be returned within 14 days of purchase.

Returned Checks
A $35 dollar fee will be assessed for all checks returned for non sufficient funds.

Payment Options
Cash, checks or credit cards (MasterCard, Visa or Discover) are accepted for payment for services and products. At this time we do not accept American Express. 

Please respect our other Patients and staff members, and remember not to wear any perfumes, colognes or heavily scented lotions to the office. We all appreciate this!  Thank you for your consideration.