Going beyond traditional Blood Tests
At Fundamental Health Solutions, we go beyond the use of traditional tests which can be limiting in the information we need. We utilize the technology of a darkfield phase contrast microscope. This specially designed microscope makes it possible to view colorless attributes of your blood that are normally invisible using traditional methods. This allows us to identify problems that may be adversely affecting your health.

This process is called Live Cell Microscopy Analysis, and it detects problems that are not easily found in traditional blood tests. Many times problems can be discovered in their infant stages. A nutritional microscopist can reveal the nutritional status of the blood by noting various processes which indicate poor digestion and assimilation associated with how the body uses food for energy, maintenance, growth and repair.

How Our Health Deteriorates
In a healthy body, an estimated 40-60% of calories is expended in converting what we eat to some usable form. That is a lot of energy that goes toward the digestive process. This means that there is less energy for your body to heal, repair and protect itself. As we get older, our ability to synthesize enzymes decreases by 8-10 percent each decade past puberty. Not only does this contribute to our ability to properly digest food, but also limits our production of metabolic enzymes needed to run every process in the body. This can lead to a strain on the immune system and erode our health.

Only fully digested food, broken down into its respective nutrients, should be present in the blood, where it has the power to create optimal health, vitality, and well being. Live blood analysis provides an immediate view of the nutritional health status of the blood. Using live blood analysis, we can also assess the efficacy of the supplementation and dietary changes, which provides scientific evidence that we are on the right track with your health solutions.

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