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We are an innovative, wholistic health solutions practice, employing Functional Medicine methodology.  As a Chiropractic practice located in Austin, Texas, it is our philosopy that true health is only attainable when the entire body is addressed. When a part of you is sick, your whole body is sick in varying degrees; when all aspects of you are having optimum health, your entire body has vitality. By employing Functional Medicine, integrative care practices, we focus on the prevention and correction of health issues by identifying the underlying conditions that cause sub-optimal health.

Here at Fundamental Health Solutions we employ diagnostic and unique health assessment techniques that give insights into many health issues our patients were previously unable to get answers for. We encourage our new patients to bring their standard medical tests with them on their first visit. These standardized tests can still give us valuable information, even if they all read within normal ranges; especially if you know you should feel more alive and as a vital, healthy human being. 

Our health assessments are pure science. Our solutions integrate our knowledge of the human body, the results of diagnostic tests, appropriate non-drug and non-surgical solutions, and live blood analysis. Live blood analysis, which employs darkfield microscopy, looks at aspects of the blood quality and determines how the body is able to utilize what we eat and how it affects our immunity, and our overall quality of health. This is all done first by sitting with each patient and obtaining as thorough a background possible, with completed intake forms. Jump start your healing process with us, and tell us your story. We are here to listen, and to help you on your road to recovery and optimum health.

Dr. Phil Sledz, DC, ABFM
Fundamental Health Solutions