Fundamental Health Solutions is a Functional Medicine based practice in Austin, TX.  Our  Chiropractic Office in Austin employs minimally-invasive procedures, diagnostics and nutritional assessments to identify the causes of health issues and to provide drugless alternatives to optimum wellness.

In Functional Medicine – We Treat the Individual
Functional Medicine is a patient-centered system of care that identifies core clinical imbalances in metabolic function that may arise in life based on our “biochemical individuality”. Those imbalances arise from environmental factors that can include diet, nutrient intake, including air and water, exercise, and trauma. Trauma can be processed by the mind and spirit differently for each person, since we all have a unique set of genetic predispositions, attitudes, and beliefs.

Personalized Nutrition and Epigenetics
Personalized Nutrition recognizes that each person is a biochemical individual with different health needs. The net sum of our unique metabolic imbalances is expressed in our current level of health.

Food and Epigenetics
Your genes are not just the “hand you were dealt”. You can change the way your genes are expressed – in the same way you can affect light in a room by turning a switch on or off. The GenoType Diet uses the newly termed science of epigenetics, which shows how environmental factors – including diet – allow you to change your genetic destiny. Your health risks, weight, and life span can all be improved when you live according to your GenoType.