Woman performing yoga

Most of today’s athletes understand the importance of diet and supplementation as it pertains to athletic performance, however many are not aware of the latest nutritional advances required to “take your game to the next level”.

Nutritional technology has advanced significantly compared to years ago. Achieving peak performance, and long term health benefits, can happen more effectively with particular nutrients than with drug enhancers. Although some short term results may be noted with drugs, they rely on chemical changes that do not serve the long term health and performance of an athlete.

Understandably, many athletes seek drugs to compensate for foundational health issues due to the body’s reaction to injury and overuse. This leads to the athlete often experiencing:

  • Improper “muscle memory” due to restrictions and adhesions in the fascia surrounding muscle, tendons and ligaments
  • General restrictions in motion leading to decreased or plateaued strength and performance
  • Scar tissue surrounding nerves may lead to diminished innervation of muscles which can decrease muscle performance
  • Decreased oxygen carrying capacity in the blood
  • Sluggish recovery time
  • Lack of resiliency in joints
  • Decreased flexibility and tight muscles
  • Being prone to injury
  • Soreness