Our multi-phased approach to help athletes gain a competitive edge includes:

Identifying nutritional depletion that contributes to performance issues, range of motion, pain, stiffness, joint and fascia issues.  Although all athletes utilize almost every nutrient more rapidly than non-athletes we focus on your areas of deficiency needed to take your game to the next level.  Neglected nutrient depletion can contribute to:  lack of stamina and endurance, improper coordination, inability to provide “bursts” of strength, stiffness, decreased range of motion, poor flexibility, and a feeling of “heaviness” in the limbs.  Providing proper nutritional support for athletic injuries aids the body’s healing response, accelerating recovery time.

Strengthening the overall health of the blood, therefore increasing our red blood cell’s ability to carry oxygen.

Working with the athlete’s existing healthcare team such as trainers, orthopedists, coaches, and other therapists.