SWAMI is GenoType software that takes into account a patient’s person’s blood type, fingerprints, health history, biometric measurements and over ninety other variables. Incorporating over 100,000 years of forensic anthropology following ancestral diets, emphasizing cultures with good health and longevity, SWAMI GenoType evaluates each of over 700 foods for over 200 individual attributes (such as its cholesterol level, gluten content, presence of antioxidants, etc.) to determine if a food is either a superfood or toxin specifically for you. It then prints out a specific one of a kind diet in an easy to read, friendly format.

SWAMI GenoType analysis generates the diet, and receipes based on that diet, to help you recover from poor health. Using your individualized, customized report, you can optimize your overall level of health and vitality by selecting foods which act harmoniously with your immune system, blood, and entire body chemistry.

How it works
The SWAMI GenoType software will typically take the results from the measurements and testing, and then completes about 12,600,000 individual calculations– performed on 225 individual nutrient values found in each of 800 foods, matched to the results of 130 measurements and tests that we’ve performed on you.

Based on your specific test results, SWAMI GenoType considers a food to be either of three values: a ‘superfood’, ‘neutral’ or ‘toxin-avoid’, then each category of foods are broken down based on these values. For example, while some types of people thrive on moderate to high amounts of lean animal protein, others may feel lethargic, constipated, bloated, weak and experience joint discomfort. Certain genotypes of people can pack on the pounds when consuming certain whole grains like wheat, while others require these foods for adequate blood sugar balance.

Learn what foods you should avoid
At the end of the diet section SWAMI GenoType prints out a list of food which you should minimize and its rationale for its decisions. Some avoids are noted by a black dot (•). These are temporary avoids meaning that you should minimize or avoid these foods for a period of about three months, to allow your digestive system to regenerate and detoxify. Once it has been rebuilt you can reintroduce these in small amounts. Some superfoods are noted with a diamond character (◊). These are extra-special super-foods with the ability to enhance weight loss, increase immunity and slow down aging. These foods should be consumed frequently.