Successful Ways to Decrease Joint Pain, Versus Managing Joint Pain

78619732Getting relief from joint pain has long been associated with going to the Chiropractor. Chiropractors have been successfully treating back and neck pain for decades. According to the medical journal. Annals of Internal Medicine, Chiropractic care is considered “More effective than medication in both short and long term for acute and sub-acute neck pain.”

Receiving quality Chiropractic care is excellent for managing pain and increasing function. When a patient comes in and needs corrective Chiropractic adjustments to their physical structure, and if your joints and cartilage are in optimal health, then we typically do not need to see you again until there is another misalignment occurring.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), 1 in 3 Americans today have joints and cartilage that are not in top-notch health. If this is you, this indicates that there re other problems that go beyond what an adjustment can do. At this point we need to address turning around, i.e., reversing what is contributing to joint degradation, which can be done via nutritional adjustments. When our joints degenerate there is a breakdown, and ultimately a loss of cartilage, along with inflammation. In order to reverse cartilage loss we need to replace the ingredients that make cartilage in the body. Those ingredients are: Type II collagen (specific to joints and connective tissue), Hyaluronic Acid (also called H.A.), chondroitan sulfate, glucosamine and MSM. These ingredients make up all joints and connective tissue in the body, and must be replaced if we are to halt or reverse the process of joint degeneration.

Less Chiropractic maintenance and better joint health can be achieved!
Lower levels of these joint and cartilage nutrients begin to occur after the age of 35; and we begin to lose some after birth! It makes sense that we replace these nutrients to minimize our losses, and more importantly raise the levels of these nutrients in higher amounts in our body. Most over the counter nutritional supplements that contain the needed replenishment ingredients are not completely bio-available. Their cellular forms tend to be very large. In order for your body to effectively utilize these nutrients, they must be modified into a smaller form or your body cannot absorb them. There is a modified version of these nutrients called Liquid Biocell Collagen that provides optimum absorption, which translates into being able to more fully reverse many of the symptoms associated with joint degeneration caused by illness or injury. Chiropractors have been successfully treating back and neck pain for decades; our patients who are on both protocols have reported feeling more energy and not noticing their joints the way they used to when they would walk, run, exercise or climb stairs.

Using our approach, pain levels not only noticeably decrease within a 90 day period, but our patients report that their pain levels continue to decrease as they continue on their home based nutritional therapy. During this time, our patients are able to decrease the frequency of chiropractic treatments. Unlike targeted injections, this nutritional support helps every joint in the body, not just your neck and spine. Our ultimate goal is to hear our patients come into the office for a maintenance appointment while telling us how much their mobility and range of motion has improved, all without surgery! This doesn’t mean that you should entirely stop your maintenance schedule of care with your Chiropractor, but our goal should be to get you to the point where you’re not as dependent upon your Chiropractor, or at all, in order to manage your joint concerns.

We can create better outcomes by reversing the causes of joint degeneration
We provide both the physical therapy via Chiropractic treatments and other Physical Therapy modalities used in our office. We work with a clinically proven joint formula that’s backed by clinical trials. This is liquid Biocell collagen, which contains all the ingredients that comprise our joints such as: Type II collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Chondroitan, Glucosamine, and MSM. Many of these ingredients are not new to joint nutrition: however, a very important aspect of nutritional therapy involves taking the right supplementation that provide optimum bio-availability to your body.

Bio-availability means that these ingredients are in a more absorbable form that can be assimilated by our joints. Liquid Biocell simultaneously addresses joint pain anywhere in the body. This allows for quick results that continue to improve with time; this is aligned with our goals for our Patients, to get your quickly and firmly on the path of healing and recovery.

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