World Class Nutritional help for athletes

78457345When Dr Phil was researching nutritional supplements, he met and studied with Nobel Prize Finalist Ronald K. Schneider, an Enzymologist. Ron, the founder of Enriching Gifts, was nominated for a Nobel Prize in Science and Medicine in 2001 (Medicine and Science), and was a personal friend of Tom Manno. Tom Manno was a multi-world record holder and an advocate for drug free training.

Ron introduced his exclusive formulas to Tom, who at the time could bench press over 400 pounds. Tom Manno is considered to have been the world’s strongest man over 40 years of age. He shattered 53 world records and 80 American records. At his peak, he bench pressed slightly less than 900 pounds. Tom used the Enriching Gifts product line (which we carry at Fundamental Health Solutions) to achieve his amazing results.

Identifying nutritional depletion that contributes to performance issues, range of motion, pain, stiffness, joint and fascia issues is key to maintaining optimum health. All athletes utilize almost every nutrient more rapidly than non-athletes, so it is important to focus on areas of deficiency so that athletes can compete at optimum level. Neglected nutrient depletion can contribute to: lack of stamina and endurance, improper coordination, inability to provide “bursts” of strength, stiffness, decreased range of motion. It is important to find out what nutrients are missing in your body if you want to maintain your competitive edge.

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